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There are many forums in life where a persons' success heavily hinges upon the tools, instruments, or utensils in which they use.  It is evident that resources are often just as important as talents, skills, abilities, or gifts. Whether it is for professional purposes, needed for a hobby, or required for general well being our world depends on resources.  This reality is also true for spiritual health and growth as a Christian.  This reality is also the foundational purpose in which Marshall Ministries exist.  Marshall Ministries exist to provide the world with great resources to assist with spiritual growth.  At Marshall Ministries we strive to make our resources innovative, inspirational, and instructional. Innovative - Our resources bring a great blend of artistic creativity to inspire and instruct individuals of all ages.  Our desire is that learning will be entertaining and memorable. Inspirational - We believe that the Bible contains the answers for life and eternity.  Our resources innovatively incorporates Biblical truths to spiritually influence and instruct people of all ages. Instructional - The goal of our resources is to offer practical solutions to complex circumstances.  We desire that individuals will have creative methods to learn and discover lessons that will inspire them for a lifetime. In addition to resources we provide clerical services to further enhance spiritual growth.  We not only want to provide great tools, but we also desire to show you how to use them.  The Marshall Ministries team is happy to serve you as you strive to reach your spiritual goals.  

Pastoral Counseling

Interested in individual counseling, couples counseling, family  counseling, or group counseling?  If so, allow Marshall Ministries' qualified team of Ordained Ministers give you the Biblical based insight that will help you go to the next level in your life and relationship.

Pre-Marital Training

Don't just invest in your wedding ceremony, but invest in your  lifelong commitment. Pre-Marital counseling is an investment into your  marriage, not just your wedding. Marshall Ministries' Pre-Marital  counseling will help you prepare for a marriage that will last a  lifetime.